Directed by Lizette Avineri and Slava Balasanov, On the Holiness of’ embodies the emotions underlying the Jerusalem Syndrome -- a religious psychosis phenomena triggered by visiting Jerusalem. Showcasing Lizette Avineri’s F/W 2011 collection, the film emphasizes delusions and obsessions with religiously-themed ideas through depictions of Jesus and the Virgin Mary, cathedral motifs, embroideries, and geometric patterns of Islamic and Bedouin traditions. References to religious dress codes are called into question and purposefully skewed into seductive movement.

This video premiered on|Fresh Intelligence
July 13, 2011

Direction: Lizette Avineri and Slava Balasanov
Cinematography: Maja Cule
Fashion Design: Lizette Avineri F/W 2011
Music: Slava Balasanov
Model: Tereza Janakova